Tian Guan Ci Fu [ Official MANHUA MV ]

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Опубликовано: 2020-10-17
Продолжительность: 03:51
A GODLY ART THAT CAN TAKE AWAY YOUR SOUL !!! I'm so glad TGCF manhua is in GOOD HAND !! still waiting for the next new volume to come back but THEY ARE KEEPING US WELL FED WHILE WE WAIT !!!!!
with 2 Millon fan flowing TGCF manhua, The team released a SUPER SUPER BEAUTIFUL MV, the quality isn't so good on YOUTUBE but on Bilibili DAMNNNNNNN QUALITY JUST SKYROCKET!! u will have to be a member to see the HDD quality!!

Publisher - 哔哩哔哩漫画
Comic - @STARember @白梦社
PV production: @补天研究所
Hua Cheng VA: @M赵路
XIe Lian VA: @西呱双

Song Title:《迢迢共此生》 [ Tiaotiao gong cisheng ]
Donghua: Tian Guan Ci Fu [ animation coming in 31st OCTOBER / 2020 ]
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