mmm yeah but its wangxian, hualian & bingqiu (mxtx animatic)

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Опубликовано: 2021-06-23
Продолжительность: 00:47
MXTX CROSSOVER YEE- PLS READ DESC BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS! anyway mmm yeah memes usually go a little bit sexual but eyyy we aint about that life here right this is a pg-13 channel aw yeah [lipbite]

ship name: hualian
➤ the dude with eyepatch + red-black colors: huā chéng (花城,)
➤ the dude with fancy accessories and gold jewellery + white-red colors: xiè lián (谢怜)
→ SERIES NAME: heaven official's blessing / tian guan ci fu / tgcf (天官赐福)

ship name: bingqiu
➤ the dude with fire symbol-mark on his forehead + red-black colors: luò bīnghé (洛冰河)
➤ the dude with a fan & white-green colors: shěn qīngqiū (沈清秋)
→ SERIES NAME: scum villain's self saving system / renzha fanpai zijiu xitong / svsss (人渣反派自救系统)

ship name: wangxian
➤ the dude with white forehead ribbon & blue colors: lán wàngjī (蓝忘机)
➤ the dude with ponytail & red-black color scheme: wèi wúxiàn (魏无羡)
→ SERIES NAME: the grandmaster of demonic cultivation / mo dao zu shi / mdzs (魔道祖师)


Yes. Although Chinese censorship makes them "sworn brothers/bromance" (still gay asf) in their donghuas (animation) and live action dramas.

backgrounds at the 'mmm yeah' parts:
0:31 (hualian) - taken from tgcf donghua's special episode
0:35 (wangxian) - taken from mdzs donghua s1 ep3 (i think?)

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