World War One - Episode 1. Documentary Film. Historical Reenactment. StarMedia. English Subtitles

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Опубликовано: 2014-11-28
Продолжительность: 53:24
Watch free documentary on russian with english subtitles Sciences and technology in the beginning of XX century were developing at a fast pace: radio, electricity, cinematograph, automobiles… Millions of Europeans could hardly catch up with the swift scientific and technological advance and they were unable to surmise that something threatens their lives. But in 1914 a war emerged that humanity had never seen before. The first war of armored machines and airplanes, machineguns and poison gases. The war that began with the murder of two people and ended with over 10 million deaths and the ruining of four empires. World War I that changed the face of Europe and the whole world for ever.

Type: historical reenactment
Genre: docudrama
Year of production: 2014
Number of episodes: 8
Directed by: Andrey Vereschagin, Aleksey Fedosov
Written by: Marina Bandilenko
Production designer: Aleksandr Yakimov
Director of photography: Dmitriy Kiptilyi
Music by: Maksim Voytov
Producers: Valeriy Babich, Vlad Ryashin, Sergey Titinkov , Konstantin Ernst

Star Media and Babich Design proudly present a major new 8-part documentary series, World War I. The year 2014 marks the centenary of the start of one of the most devastating wars in human history, which claimed the lives of ten million soldiers and over twenty million civilians, changing the world and global civilization forever.

World War I shows the impact of the war on the nations of the Russian Empire - the extraordinary heroism, duty and honour paid by so many people to a country that underwent horrific ordeals to defend itself from outside enemies, only to collapse after being unable to solve its own internal problems.

Epic battles and attacks on villages, towns, cities and fortifications, air raids and cavalry campaigns, the use of poison gases and the first tanks are all recreated on an impressive scale.

And the latest technological and engineering achievements of the time - aeroplanes, airships, submarines, guns, tanks and armoured vehicles - all built to supply a terrifying new age of warfare - are brought to life with stunning and vivid CGI animation and special effects.

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