Women who made History | Catherine the Great - The Way to the Czars Throne | With English Subtitles

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Опубликовано: 2019-07-27
Продолжительность: 43:50
"She was the greatest empress Russia ever had."
Show: Women who made History / Frauen, die Geschichte machten
Episode: Catherine the Great - The Way on to the Czars' Throne

Frauen, die Geschichte machten [Women that made history] is a German docudrama series produced in 2013. It entails six stand-alone episodes about six significant women in history. Among them rulers like Cleopatra, Catherine the Great and Elizabeth I. of England but also Sophie Scholl, Queen Louise of Prussia and Jeanne d’Arc.
Alma Leiberg as Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst / Catherine the Great
Natalia Bobyleva as Empress Elizabeth
Pavel Gajdos as Grand Duke Peter / Czar Peter III.
Daniel Rchichev as Grand Duke Paul
Marko Igonda as Sergei Saltykov