Why Chinas Three Gorges Dam Could Collapse

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Опубликовано: 2021-06-09
Продолжительность: 09:24
Dams have long been the strategic card for the Chinese government. However, they are collapsing before they can have a chance to play them. China has about 94,000 dying dams, so the crisis isn't about a single dam. However, when the problem involves the world's biggest hydroelectric plant, there is every reason for China to worry about it. Not only China but also the entire world is waiting with bated breath regarding how the country will tackle this issue of mammoth stature.
The difference between other dams in China and the three Gorges Dam is that most of the other dams were built during Mao Zedong's era, while the Three Gorges Dam is a recent build. So, it seems believable that the Mao-era dams must be decaying and on the verge of collapsing. However, what's surprising is that a dam that cost China a whopping $31 billion and became operational fairly recently could collapse. Even if it is a mere likelihood, why is it even being considered? You will find out in this video.