Who was DRACULA? The most famous VAMPIRE | History vs Fiction

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Опубликовано: 2020-07-17
Продолжительность: 08:03
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Since I move to the USA the question that I hear a lot is: Where I am from? My response is that I am from Romania, and the very next thing that I hear next is: Dracula! or Are you a vampire? and so on!

By far, the most famous thing about Romania in the USA is the Dracula story. So today we are gonna speak about who was the real Dracula, where is the name coming from, and how he become so popular all around the world.

The main reason why Dracula is so famous is because of the Bram Stoker novel with this name. He wrote a book about a Vampire living in Transilvania in a very mysterious castle and was sucking people's blood to keep himself young.

The historical ruler Bram Stoker was making his character around is Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Tepes.

Vlad Tepes was born in 1431 in Sighisoara, which is a medieval city in Transilvania, Romania. Which is also a very nice tourist hotspot and you can visit the house where Dracula was born and raised until the age of 4. He will become the ruler of Vlahia for three times. He was in exile in the Ottoman Empire after his short rule and after that, he ruled for 6 years, and in imprisonment in Hungary. And finally, he will rule for a short period of time and after that, he is killed.

In Romania you have a nice Castel called Bran, which in Turkish is Gate, which is presented as being the Castel of Conte Dracula. And it is one of the best-preserved medieval Castle in Europe and is decorated with a lot of Vlad Tepes objects. But this is just because it was the only castle that was as close as possible to Bram Stoker Novel. Otherwise Vlad Tepes Never really lived here. In the history books is told that he only passed once in his way to Brasov, another city.
The real Castle he lived in is actually Cetatea Poenari, being the only Castle build by him. The castle is pretty hard to be visited because of those 1480 stars, but the effort is worth it because on top you can see the Ruins of the castle.
If you wanna really see where Dracula Lived you should visit this one but also Bran Castle deserves its spot. You better visit both of them.

Where is his title as a bloody impaler coming from?

During the time that Vlad Tepes Lived, Valahia was in constant war with Hungarians and Ottoman Empires and was constantly used by both sides of the war. His first rules was a very short one for just 2 months at the age of 17. After that, he was in exile in the Ottoman Empire. But his most known and longest rule was the second one, for 6 years. The first thing that Vlad have done when he retook the throne was to stop the children tribute to the Ottoman Empire. Which previously ensured peace between Valahia and Ottoman Empire. And also he invited all the nobleman suspected involved in betrail and death of his father to a banquet where he then had them all stabbed and impaled on spikes.

Vlad Tepes got his name in history as Dracula because of his oppressions and bloody torture methods he used for his enemies (which in the beginning wore the Ottomans and after that his own people who betrayed him). Which consists of impaling them alive and leaving them dying slowly in draconic pain and left to be eaten by the birds. There are numerous stories about his heroic fights against Ottomans, he was a great warrior and he won a lot of battles with a fraction of the enemy army. At that time even the Pope took note of his brave war against the Ottomans. He was using this bloody impaling technic to scare the enemy and to gain battle advantages.

And because of this cruelty and bloody murders, he got his name as a Demonic Ruler. But this was just for a period at a locale level. He became really popular but with a very changed story after Bran Stoker's novel.

So was Dracula based on Vlad the impaler?
We can find the same thirst for blood in both of them but in a different way. It was most likely a mix between a name and a region with a lot of bat caves and gothic castle. Those were the inspiration for the British Writer. But the similarities between the book and history are minimal.

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