Whats My Line? - Dorothys Final Show - Joey Heatherton (Nov 7, 1965) [W/ COMMERCIALS]

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Опубликовано: 2014-12-24
Продолжительность: 29:03
Here's the last of the four uncut episodes with original commercials I started posting a few days ago. As always, I preserved as much as possible of my original copy due to its much higher a/v quality. But what a treat to have the original commercials in any watchable video quality-- especially for such a special show, Dorothy Kilgallen's final appearance on WML before her sudden, untimely death.
I usually discourage discussion of any controversial topics in the comments, but I'm fairly resigned that people are going to be discussing the nature of Dorothy's death now. I can only ask that people please be *respectful* of each other's opinions, because the reality is that *no one* really knows what happened to end Dorothy's life. It's always irksome when I see people commenting about it as if they know the full story while others simply refuse to accept the "truth".

If I had my choice, I'd honestly prefer that this topic wasn't dwelt upon, but seeing as it comes up regularly in videos where it's apropos of nothing, it would be silly to expect folks not to discuss Dorothy's death now. I'd much rather, however, see people talk about what a rich *life* Dorothy had, what an impressive woman she was, and how much she will be missed in future episodes. It deeply saddens me that Googling "Dorothy Kilgallen" turns up virtually nothing but pages upon pages of articles focusing entirely on her death. She deserves a lot better than that.

MYSTERY GUEST: Joey Heatherton
PANEL: Dorothy Kilgallen, Tony Randall, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf

Many thanks, as always, to epaddon for providing his copy of the complete episode.