whats 6 x 3? (tgcf animatic)

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Опубликовано: 2021-02-14
Продолжительность: 00:53
so they released a modern au! official art of hualian and i just couldn’t resist glasses dianxia. here’s more trash :^) ft. human baby e-ming (sorry ruoye)
tried making dianxia more ikemen but idk i think i failed. and uhh yeah you can tell i ran out of energy at the later parts cuz everything’s more messy and shit :V sorry zaddies

idk what the actual context of the art is, but i like to think that fafa is a mafia boss and xl is an ex-policeman?? maybe?? who became an ordinary teacher?? idk. or maybe it’s a teacher x teacher dynamic - in which case, i’d do anything to get hualian as my professors thank you
characters: huā chéng (花城,) & xiè lián (谢怜) (huālián - main canon ship)
series name: heaven official's blessing / tian guan ci fu (天官赐福)
follow me on twitter to see wips if u want to idk: @katzianxero
tools: filmora 9, medibang paint

thanks for stopping by. may the power of hualian be with you.