What REALLY happened in HELLTOWN , Ohio? (Helltown Exposed Pt 1.)

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Опубликовано: 2017-11-28
Продолжительность: 18:15
Either You've seen my Helltown Videos and wondered 'whats so special about this place?'OR, to seek out more info because you've already heard all the stories about it! alot have came thanks to the 2 hour special on the Destination Channel. Well here's what we know happened for 100% sure due to actual in depth research. i was able to find alot of footage that has otherwise been suppressed and compiled it together to help you get an understanding of the allure of the place.
In this episode we look at the federal take over of three townships: Boston Mills, Peninsula, and Everett, over 32,000 acres that were taken by force due to eminent domain.
in the next episode we will discuss whats left today, the conspiracies and hauntings, and much more so be sure to subscribe.
ive also created a playlist specifically for Hell town content.
this took me alot of hours so i hope its received well
song used: Stanley Clarke - Black on Black Crime