Wembley Fa Cup (1923)

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Опубликовано: 2014-04-13
Продолжительность: 06:52
Item title reads - World's Record Crowd see West Ham United and Bolton Wanderers' great struggle for "The Cup" at the wonderful new stadium Wembley. White Horse Cup Final.
M/S of crowds of people getting off a train to go to the match, M/S of the crowd.

Intertitle - 'Thousands were disappointed and unable to enter the grounds.' M/S of lots of people stood outside.

Intertitle - 'Rushing the Barriers.' - Various shots of people climbing over the wall.

Intertitle - 'At 3 O'clock 10,000 people had invaded the pitch making play impossible.' Aerial view of the pitch covered in people, they look like bees. Various shots from inside the stadium of the crowds, a policeman on a white horse tries to move them.

Intertitle - 'Mascots were plentiful!' A man holds a big hammer saying "Up the hammers" and another holds a rattle.

Intertitle - 'But the "Pathe Mascot" was unique' - The camera is painted in West Ham colours and says "Up West Ham" and "Play Up Hammers", he starts to film through it. Various shots of the match.

Intertitle - 'Jack quickly put Bolton ahead by scoring after 3 minutes' play. - C/U of him posing and laughing. More shots of the match.

Intertitle - 'Well played "Hammers" better luck next time.' - the team poses.

Intertitle - 'The winning team.' - M/S as Bolton pose and smile.

Intertitle - 'The "Day of Days" for Joe Smith - Bolton's captain' - C/U of him smiling, holding cup and signing autographs.
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