Walter White Shows Up to SNL as a Trump Cabinet Appointee: ‘I Know the DEA Better Than Anyone’

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Опубликовано: 2016-12-11
Продолжительность: 03:46
Saturday night’s SNL opened with a surprise sketch featuring previous show host Bryan Cranston in one of his most identifiable roles: Walter White of Breaking Bad fame.
For the sketch, White plays one of President-elect Donald Trump‘s newest cabinet appointments. The sketch, which was framed around a faux-taping of The Lead with Jake Tapper, featured Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway and Beck Bennett as the CNN host himself.

The conceit behind the sketch poked fun at Trump’s real life appointments, many of whom seem to be utterly head-scratching choices considering their limited experience for the roles. Enter Walter White, who quips, “I know the DEA better than anyone.”
“It’s almost as if Mr. Trump appoints these people to undermine the agencies they represent,” Bennett’s Tapper says at one point.

“Nope, they’re alt-good,” says McKinnon’s Conway stealthily.

As for Walter White himself, he says of Trump at one point, “I’m a big fan, I like his style.” He further remarks he’s only the third person in the Trump’s cabinet to fake his own death, a storyline from the hit AMC drama. “Donald Trump and I agree: it’s time to Make America Cook Again.”