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Опубликовано: 2019-12-18
Продолжительность: 10:46
Vikings are a huge hit and Vikings cast have already become the stars with household names of their own.
And now when Vikings TV show is in its final Season 6, we want to tell you about the personal life of Vikings actors and their plans for the future.

Watch the video to learn why Katheryn Winnick aka Lagertha is still single, which of the Vikings cast hotties appeared on Season 5 together with his girlfriend, and what Travis Fimmel is up to now and why he doesn't miss his character at all! Lagertha remains Winnick’s most notable role so far.

Soon we’ll see Katheryn Winnick on big screen in a new movie – Wander. Alexander Ludwig who portrays Bjorn Ironside had a chance to work with his girlfriend Kristy Dawn Dinsmore on Vikings. It was announced that Alexander Ludwig will take part in the wrestling drama ‘Heels’ alongside Stephen Amell.

And Gustaf Skarsgard who is our long-term fave as Floki is joining an upcoming TV series ‘Cursed’, based on the Arthurian legend. Some say that Alex Hogh Andersen is too busy for dating, but there’s a fan theory that Ivar the Boneless actor is secretly dating Danish actress Rikke Westi.

And we know for sure that Peter Franzén, also known as King Harald Finehair has been married to an actress and singer Irina Björklund since 1996! Unfortunately, Jonathan Rhys Meyers will not be back on Vikings in Season 6 as Bishop Heahmund, but we cannot help remembering his romance with Lagertha.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers real-life partner is an actress and producer Mara Lane. Their son, Wolf Rhys Meyers, was born in 2016. Another character who is not on the show anymore, but we can’t help remembering is, of course, Ragnar Lothbrok.

What is Travis Fimmel currently up to, after Vikings? Fimmel doesn’t miss Ragnar at all, as he’s enjoying a successful professional life.

But guess what? - Travis Fimmel is STILL single, and there’s no sign of a girlfriend nearby! And we cannot say we are not happy about it, aren’t we? Watch the video to know all the details about Vikings cast. And stay OSSA’m!

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