Veronica Movie: Ending Explained and Real Life True Story

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Опубликовано: 2018-03-05
Продолжительность: 05:32
Veronica: Ending Explained & Real Life Story by Deffinition
Veronica is a Spanish Horror movie directed by Paco Plaza. Set in June 1991, It tells the story of a haunting and possession brought on through the use of an Ouija board during an eclipse. Throughout the movie there are several callbacks to the real-life case in which the movie is an adaptation of such as key dates and a police report. In this article, I will be discussing some of the true life events that inspired the movie as well as explaining what I take it’s ending to mean.

The Movie opens with our protagonist Veronica using an Ouija board in an attempt to summon her deceased father. The ritual is interrupted mid seance and therefore unable to be completed which allows a demon or spirit to remain in the living world. Throughout the film, this spirit haunts Veronica and taunts her family to no end.

Realising that she must banish the spirit, Veronica re-enacts the original ritual and when things go wrong she is murdered by the demon. The police arrive on the scene to witness the devastation and thus the famous police report is created.

The Police Report
Whilst certain events have been adapted, The police report is real and several scans are available online to be read in their full gory detail. Known as the “Vallecas Case” by Spanish-language paranormal sites the real story differs slightly from the fictional film.

The case takes its name from the Madrid neighborhood where a young woman, Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro rather than Veronica, reportedly performed a seance at school. Dissimilar to the movie, the girl was attempting to reach out to one of her friends’ boyfriend’s that had recently passed away during a motorcycle accident. A nun broke her Ouija board, ending or interrupting the ritual but the group that participated described seeing a strange smoke going up through Estefania’s mouth and nose.

Following this, Estefania, would sometimes go into a rage, barking at her brothers. She would also reportedly tell her parents that she saw “evil” shadows walking past her room at night. Worried sick her parents took their daughter to see several doctors, but none of them could find anything physically wrong with her.

Veronica Real Life Story

Estefania’s Death
Estefania died, but not at home battling a demon. Instead, she passed away in a Madrid hospital in August 1991. The police report doesn’t really have much to do with her. Estefania’s family didn’t get them involved until more than a year after her death. They reported hearing a loud noise come from an empty porch, the door of a “perfectly closed armoire” opened “in a sudden and totally unnatural way,” and a crucified Jesus separated from his cross. Though later ghost encounters would receive a skurry of multiple witnesses and the police, the actual basis for the plot of Veronica is little more than an anecdote.

Though the facts of the case aren’t quite as spectacular as the events in Veronica, the police report contains evocative descriptions, calling it a “situation of mystery and rarity.” That they were witnessed by three officers and the Chief Inspect of the National Police, Jose Pedro Negri, goes a long way in explaining why the Vallecas Case continues to enjoy so much attention in Spain.

Ending Explained
Whilst the ending of Veronica is very clear in the young girl’s death, the meaning behind it is completely open to interpretation. Personally, I view Veronica as a willing participant in her suicide. Realising that the demon would not leave her or her family alone until it got what it wanted, she sacrifices herself in a bid to rid those she cares about from its presence.

Veronica had a very unstable life, she was practically the sole carer for her three brothers and sisters due to the fact that her Mother was so absent in their life because of the long hours she worked. The death of her Father must have had a huge impact on the girl, especially because it happened at such a young age and the longing to be reunited with him may have pushed her final act in the movie.