Various ‎– Big Monster Bash Volume #1 Ghostly Rockabilly Surf Rock Swing Music Bands Halloween LP

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Опубликовано: 2020-08-09
Продолжительность: 40:27
Label: Mouthpiece Records ‎ Country: US
Released: 1998

1 –King Dapper Combo Monster Trash
2 –Wolfgang & The Jumpin' Terrors The Mice, The Demons, and the Piggies
3 –High Noon Crazy Fever (Alt Version)
4 –King Memphis Shark Bait
5 –Jack Knife And The Sharps Justifiable Homicide
6 –The Vibro Champs Martian Trip
7 –Swinging Rays Hell O Ween (Alt Version)
8 –Johnny Legend The Dummy Doll
9 –The Exotics Guitarantula
10 –King Dapper Combo Save it for the Vampires
11 –Rockin Bones Voodoo Dance
12 –King Memphis Crazy Alien Chick (Alt Version)
13 –El Vez Gabrielle The Giant Masquito
14 –Joe LaRose Devil's Dance
15 –The Vibro Champs Dig Me a Hole (Live Alt Version)

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