V Rising End Game Boss Behemoth & Unique Soul Shard Carry

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Опубликовано: 2022-05-17
Продолжительность: 18:32
Stunlock Studios Content Partner StrangeReligion here with an exclusive introductory showcase of a few of my favorite bosses and fundamental guides to understanding the complexities of the up and coming genre bending V Rising!
V Rising is the newest game from stunlock studios releasing into early access on the 17th of may. This Survival/MicroMMORPG hybrid is seriously fun to play and even after 100 hours playtime I haven't seen all the features it brings to the table!

I have 30 years of hardcore gaming experience from Everquest, Dungeons & Dragons, Full Loot PvP MMO's like Albion and Survival Base Raiding games such as Conan and Last Oasis. This game is the next step in the evolution of those games and SLS really brought their AAA game.