V.A. - Wild things vol .1 (Wyld kiwi garage 1966-1969)

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Опубликовано: 2015-09-28
Продолжительность: 39:52
01 THE LA DE DA´S - Don´t stand in my way
02 THE LA DE DA´S - How is the air up there
03 THE SMOKE (NZ) - No more now
04 SANDY EDMONDS - Come see me
05 THE CRESENDOS - Now she´s mine
06 THE ACTION (NZ) - I can´t make a friend
07 TOM THUMB - You´re gonna miss me
08 TOM THUMB - I need you
09 THE BLUESTARS - Social end product
10 THE CHALLENGE - The crunch
11 THE PRINCIPALS - I can´t stop
12 THE PLAZERS - Hurtin´ all over
13 CHANTS R&B - I want her
14 CHANTS R&B - I´m your witchdoctor
15 CHANTS R&B - Neighbor neighbor
16 TOMORROW´S LOVE - 7 and 7 is

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