V/A Highs In The Mid Sixties Volume 13: Texas Part 3

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Опубликовано: 2019-02-17
Продолжительность: 35:51
A1 –The Chessmen No More 0:00 A2 –The Briks Foolish Baby 2:42
A3 –Robb London & The Rogues Gloria 5:24
A4 –Fanatics I Will Not Be Lonely 8:29
A5 –The Venturie "5" Good 'N' Bad 11:05
A6 –Mustache Wax I'm Gonna Get You 13:30
A7 –The Bards Alibis 15:45
B1 –The Barons Don't Burn It 17:46
B2 –Theze Few Dynamite 19:59
B3 –The Madison Revue Another Man 22:33
B4 –The Roots Lost One 24:58
B5 –The Night Crawlers Let's Move 27:11
B6 –The Zone V I Cannot Lie 30:40
B7 –The Moon-Dawgs Baby As Time Goes By 33:20