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Опубликовано: 2018-09-20
Продолжительность: 1:44:23
The Plague A: Go Away 0:00
B: Money 1:50

The Nomads
A: Thoughts Of A Madman 4:05
B: From Zero Down 7:06

The Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2
A: I Wanna Come Back (From The World Of LSD) 9:43
B: Double Crossin' Girl 11:58

A: Don't Blow Your Mind 14:18
B: No Price Tag 16:53

The Headstones
A: 24 Hours (Everyday) 19:01
B: Wish She Were Mine 21:56

The Thunderbirds
A: These Days Are Gone 23:58
B: Hey Little Girl 26:43

The Sound Barrier
A: (My) Baby's Gone 29:44
B: Hey, Hey 32:34

The Heard
A: You're Gonna Miss Me 35:08
B: Exit 9 37:57

The Stoics
A: Hate 40:20
B: Enough Of What I Need 42:52

The Lost Agency
A: Time To Dream 45:08
B: One Girl Man 47:22

The Human Expression
A: Calm Me Down 50:31
B: Optical Sound 52:57

T. C. Atlantic
A: Faces 55:21
B: Baby Please Don't Go 58:00

The Weeds
A: It's Your Time 59:29
B: Little Girl 1:01:48

Things To Come
A: Sweetgina 1:04:48
B: Speak Of The Devil 1:07:37

Grains Of Sand
A: Goin' Away Baby 1:10:17
B: Golden Apples Of The Sun 1:12:27

Caretakers Of Deception
A: Cuttin' Grass 1:14:45
B: X+Y=13 1:17:16

Graf Zepplin
A: You're In My Mind 1:19:02
B: Sunset! 1:21:45

Purple Canteen
A: If You Like It That Way 1:24:25
B: Brains In My Feet 1:28:02

The Es Shades
A: Anyday, Anywhere 1:32:13
B: Without My Love 1:35:32

The Tombstones
A: I Want You 1:38:18
B: You'll Regret It 1:41:18