Two Poles of Love. Russian TV Series. Episode 3. StarMedia. Melodrama. English Subtitles

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Опубликовано: 2019-11-29
Продолжительность: 52:03
Watch free russian tv shows with english subtitles. Type: TV series
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2018
Number of episodes: 4
Directed by:Roman Brovko
Written by:Alla Zhuk
Production designer:Natalia Pecherskaya
Director of photography:Aleksandr Sedov
Producers: Galina Khrapko , Vlad Riashyn
Cast:Aleksandr Pashkov, Natalya Dolya, Vitalina Bibliv, Igor Rubashkin, Irina Avdeenko, Mark Drobot, Klavdia Drozd-Bunina, Vlad Onishchenko, Aleksandr Popov, Denis Rodnyanskiy, Irina Stezhka

The wife of motor mechanic, Fyodor Kurbatov gives birth to two unwanted twin daughters. Having arranged things with the doctor, Fyodor, who is also a reckless drunkard, gives one of the babies for adoption to the family of a wealthy businessman, Kirill Olshansky, whose wife had recently given birth to a dead baby boy. Fyodor sees this arrangement as a means of securing financial security for himself and his family in the future, but, twenty years later, the children have to pay for the mistakes of their parents. After many trials, the twin sisters, Evgenia and Alina, achieve justice and the two families are reunited at the two opposite ‘poles of love’.

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