Two Kids Swim Near a Great White Shark & People May Be Fishing For White Sharks in California

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Опубликовано: 2021-05-26
Продолжительность: 06:49
The footage contained in this video is the closest white shark encounter involving kids I've captured thus far. With signs placed on the beach, groups of people still venture out for a swim. Like most encounters, the sharks are not phased and they show no real interest in the humans. Additionally, recent actions by some humans could pose a threat to beach goers. I've documented humans behaving rather irresponsibly around white sharks. And I now have proof that people are actively trying to fish for white sharks. This footage shows a newly hooked white shark as well as an alleged shark tour company speeding near the shore almost hitting a couple white sharks.
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Alison Towner (PHD Candidate)
Head Marine Biologist-Dyer Island Conservation Trust
Dr. Chris Lowe
Director of the Shark Lab at California State University,
Long Beach (CSULB)
Fishermen Agitate White Shark: Shark Bites Swimmer
Shark Boat Strike Healing Research
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