Turkish 60s on vinyl (Beat, Surf & Garage Rock)

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Опубликовано: 2021-02-07
Продолжительность: 31:59
Welcome to the second season of the Coffee Break Sessions! This is the first episode of the new season where I'm playing 7" records only. The majority of the records in this episode are from the Altin Mikrofon (Golden Microphone) song contest series organized by Hurriyet, a Turkish best-selling newspaper at the time, which would provide opportunities for those who would like to engage in pop music. The prize of the contest was the ability to record the winning song and a performing job at the Oriental Casino where the contest was held. You will find Haramiler, Mavi Isiklar, Selcuk Alagoz, and more in this set.
00:00 Intro
00:21 Sis Beşlisi Ve Turgut Oksay ‎– Çarşambayı Sel Aldı
04:04 Haramiler ‎– Aya Bak Yıldıza Bak
06:40 T.P.A.O. Batman Orkestrası ‎– Meşelidir Enginde Dağlar Meşeli
09:22 Rana Alagöz ‎– Bahçelerde Böğrülce
12:16 Haramiler ‎– Çamlıca Yolunda
14:39 Mavi Çocuklar ‎– Dile Benden Ne Dilersen
17:09 Mavi Işıklar ‎– Helvacı
19:23 Mavi Çocuklar ‎– Tanzara
21:50 Rasim Ulusman ( Vehbi Turan Boğaziçi Ork.) ‎– Askerin Mektubu
25:06 Doruk Onatkut Orkestrası, Umur Kırgöz ‎– Bağdat Yolu
27:37 Selçuk Alagöz ‎– Sevdi Zannet
29:18 Zümrüt ‎– Siz Erkekler

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Turntables I use:
Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Turntable - Silver

Mixer in the video:
Varia Instruments RDM20 Rotary Mixer

Cameras I use:
- Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6k
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