Top 3 people SWALLOWED ALIVE by the forest | Missing 411 (Part 23)

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Опубликовано: 2021-03-27
Продолжительность: 16:18
100s of people go missing every year under BAFFLING circumstances inside national parks and forests across North America. 1 former police detective, David Paulides (@Canam Missing Project) has researched 1000's of these strange cases, and documents them in his book series called Missing 411.
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**I am not affiliated with the Missing 411 brand, however I do have permission to share this video from the Missing 411 founder, David Paulides.**

Time Stamps:
#3 -- "Many Animals" -- 1:09 -- A boy turns up in an impossible location
#2 -- "The Overlook" -- 4:07 -- He turned around and couldn't believe what he saw...
#1 -- "The Shoeless Man" -- 8:54 -- He followed the tracks into a ravine, then he saw something...
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Full Missing 411 playlist (**Part 5 was removed, family member of victim requested)
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Primary sources
1) @Canam Missing Project (David Paulides' ONLY YouTube channel)
2) Missing 411 "North America & Beyond" page 140 (Bruce Ferrin story)
3) Missing 411 "Montana" page 196 (Barbara Bolick story)
5) Missing 411 "Montana" page 91 (Orville Tuttle story)

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