Top 10 Scary Videos that Should Be ILLEGAL to Watch

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Опубликовано: 2021-07-17
Продолжительность: 18:47
The horror side of the internet can be a goldmine for people who seek the best scary videos, and then there are downright terrifying ones that don’t easily escape your nightmares. That is exactly the type of clips you'll find analyzed in this top 10 list of creepy videos. Strictly speaking, this list contains the scary videos that should be illegal to watch. No wordings used as a warning could do justice to the fear factor that this collection of horror they have to offer. Personally, the entries in this countdown are way too unsettling for me to rewatch at the moment. Maybe I will never watch them again.
If you hit play, the videos in this top 10 countdown will set out to terrify you with macabre events, unpredictably distressing happenings, and may instill a sense of absolute fright that will last long after you are done watching these scary videos. Maybe the most of our worst nightmares stem from only a few creepy videos that we may have watched one unfortunate night. Right from the beginning, you'll know you should hit the pause button, close the tab, and never let the curiosity take over that makes you come back and watch this collection of scary videos.

But, I'm pretty sure that if you are here, you're very much like me — a horror fan who'll be too tempted to not go through this countdown until the end. Whether or not you believe me now is irrelevant. You will believe me later when you have finished watching this list of top 10 creepy videos that you should have stayed away from.

Some people seem to really enjoy the jolt after watching a decently executed jump scare video. There are a multitude of scary videos out there that deliver this effect, surprising viewers with unexpected and sudden frights that appear to come out of nowhere. People say that nothing compares to a few good, creepy videos having that jump scare element. Well, I beg to differ. In my view, the real horror lies in the mysterious — the inexplicable happenings that seem to defy logical explanations and the subtle paranormal hints they leave behind, which can haunt you for days — or worse, distort your reality forever.

If you like jump scares, good for you. In fact, lucky for you that jump scare videos can be found all over YouTube. In a matter of seconds, a good, jolting jump scare video can give you the same startle as any of your favorite horror movies. I don't mind jump scare videos myself, but after a while, they stop being terrifying to me. That's where the scary videos fan in me steps up and starts looking for the actual, truly, and absolutely frightening videos that I analyze in this video.

The heart stopping-scare in this top 10 list of creepy videos might be too much for even the bravest of brave who hasn't felt a shred of fear in ages. If you think you are one of them, I am sure if you watch the whole thing, you will acknowledge that the title of this video fits well.

So, did you go through all the entries in this top 10 countdown? Which of the scary videos in this list scared you the most? Let me know right below in the comments!

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