Top 10 Scary & Mysterious Creatures Caught On Camera

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Опубликовано: 2020-12-13
Продолжительность: 10:01
Top 10 Scary & Mysterious Creatures Caught On Camera
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Top 10 Scary and Mysterious Creatures Caught on Camera

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With the development of technology, we are now more likely to catch strange creatures on camera than
ever before. There are hundreds of videos posted online, but which ones seem the scariest? Keep
watching to see our countdown of the top 10 scary and mysterious creatures caught on camera – you
won’t believe your eyes.

10) North Carolina Sewer Creatures
Starting us off at number 10 are these strange sewer creatures that we discovered in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Sanitation workers were called to investigate a clogged pipe to try and resolve the issue. In order to identify
what was causing the clogging, the men sent down a remote-controlled camera to see what they were dealing
with. When the camera ventured down the sewer, it discovered what can only be described as moving fleshy
blobs lining the walls of the pipes – covering every surface. At first, no one know what these mysterious
creatures were, with Raleigh Public Utilities Department not knowing how to treat the problem. Luckily for
them, Dr Timothy stepped in with his expert opinion. Timothy is a marine biology expert who theorized that the
moving creatures were tube worms that were squeezed together, clinging to the walls. As the worms couldn’t
find soil to feed on, they move together and begin to move together, making them look like one bigger,
breathing creature. They must have been a nightmare to remove!
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9) Aliens in the Car Park
Next up at number 9 in our countdown is a video that was uploaded by YouTube channel RealGuestOfficial007.
The footage seems normal at first – and shows a gas station in the middle of the night with a bus parked and
people moving around. Pretty boring, right? Look at little closer however and you may notice something moving
in the dark towards the back of the bus. There appears to be a small and skinny creature moving around with a
big grey head. There have been some questions raised about this footage with many believing that it can’t be an
alien creature, and the footage must have been edited in some way? What do you think? Comment down
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8) Yeti in the Woods

Coming in at number 8 is some recent footage that was filmed and uploaded in April 2020 by YouTuber Envy TV.
The video was entitled Massive Russian Yeti, which immediately draws our attention! The video shows a group
of girls in a car that has stopped in the woods due to an accident. The car they were in and the truck in front of
them were involved in a car in a pretty remote location in what we assume to be Russia, as the girls are speaking
Russian to each other and getting rather freaked out. Why you ask? Well if you look at what they are recording
on their phones, you can see there are strange noises coming from the wood and a dark hairy creature moving
around on all fours, hunched over. The creature moves quickly and gracefully between the trees despite its size
and appears comfortable in the snowy conditions. Is this some kind of elaborate prank? We are not so sure as
we can’t think of how a human could move like this!
7) Scary Creature Spooks Boys
This scary creature at number 7 in our countdown likes to live in the shadows. YouTuber Ricardo Koster was
filming his friends playing some role-playing board game in the dark when there is some strange movement in
the background. While the footage is not the sharpest, you can clearly see some movements and the boys begin
to get seriously freaked out. They explore the area attempting to find out what it was and manage to catch
another look at this shadowy creature. It is small and runs on all fours, but it looks like there is a larger, second
shadow following it – perhaps a parent? The boys are understandable uneasy about the whole situation and
decide to leave before they come across these mysterious monsters again.
6) Strange Creature in Managua
Up next at number 6 is the strangest looking thing in our countdown by far! Filmed in March 2020, Youtuber
JJPD. He was exploring the city of Managua in Nicaragua and was scouting out places for photographs to be
taken for his social media content, when he came across something shocking. This four-legged scary creature
was wandering around in public in the middle of the day! There has been some criticism of this video however,
with many saying that it is CGI and not an actual monster – we tend to believe them!