Top 10 Nirvana Bass Riffs

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Опубликовано: 2021-04-19
Продолжительность: 03:31
Nirvana Bass Riffs

0:15~ ABOUT A GIRL Bass Riff

0:50~ DIVE Bass Riff

1:04~ LOUNGE ACT Bass Riff

1:31~ LOVE BUZZ Bass RIff

1:45~ SLIVER Bass Riff

2:00~ LITHIUM Bass Riff

2:16~ BlEW Bass Riff

2:32~ HEART SHAPED BOX Bass Riff

3:09~ SHE ONLY LIES Bass Riff

Bass MusicMan StyngRay
5 String Bass Ibanez HEB1005
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nirvana bass cover Bass Only With Tab

Nirvana Bass COME AS YOU ARE
Nirvana Bass ABOUT A GIRL
Nirvana Bass DIVE
Nirvana Bass LOUNGE ACT
Nirvana Bass LOVE BUZZ
Nirvana Bass SLIVER
Nirvana Bass LITHIUM
Ibanez HEB1005

Nirvana Bass BlEW
Nirvana Bass SHE ONLY LIES
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Top 10 Nirvana Bass Riffs
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