Three Gorges Dam BREAK warning, Evacuation call 400m people as China once in a thousand years floods

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Опубликовано: 2022-08-10
Продолжительность: 02:23
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Dam break warning, evacuation call: Only this "once in a thousand years" scenario can knock down the Three Gorges Dam.
An estimated 400 million people could be affected when the Three Gorges Dam in China - the world's largest dam - is threatened by heavy rains and flooding.
The Three Gorges Dam is a project built on the Yangtze River, located in Hubei province, China.
While heavy rains causing flooding continue to cause damage in more than 20 provinces of Mainland China, Chinese hydrologist Wang Weiluo, now living and working in Germany, recently raised questions about the safety of the water. Three Gorges Dam, and warned that this dam could collapse at any time.
Taiwan News on August 9 quoted Mr. Wang as saying that the design, construction and quality control stages of the Three Gorges Dam were carried out by the same team in charge, and the project was completed too quickly. At the same time, cracks are appearing more and more on the dam, bringing disaster closer.