The Worst Movie Remakes Of All Time

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Опубликовано: 2020-03-04
Продолжительность: 16:08
Remaking a classic movie is never easy. You've got to appeal to fans of the original while impressing a whole new crop of critics and drawing in new fans at the same time. It's a tough balancing act... and it's easy to screw up.
In the 1971 British crime film Get Carter, London gangster Jack Carter returns to his hometown after the death of his brother. When he suspects foul play, he decides to dig deeper and find out who was really responsible. As he delves back into the city's world of organized crime, tensions escalate and violent conflict ensues.

The 2000 remake of Get Carter, starring Sylvester Stallone, wasn't exactly a bright spot in the actor's career. This time, the story was set in America, with Carter a mob enforcer living in Las Vegas who returns home to Seattle after his brother's death. But it wasn't the change in setting that disappointed critics it was the fact that the plot was formulaic and contrived in comparison to the original, despite the fact that it was supposed to be a suspenseful mystery. Entertainment Weekly's Owen Gleiberman wrote:

"Carter, who goes to Seattle to hunt down his brother's killer, may have entered a labyrinth of evil, but his response to it [...] is as hollow as it is monolithic."

1990's Total Recall follows Douglas Quaid, a construction worker who begins having disturbing dreams about life on Mars. He ends up getting a memory chip implanted that gives him a virtual reality experience of working as a secret agent on the planet. But as the film goes on, the line between fact and fiction becomes blurred, and Quaid struggles to figure out who he really is and what he has really done on Mars.

Here's where the 2012 remake went completely wrong: it isn't even set on Mars. Instead, it takes place on a future, dystopian Earth. And sure, that concept could have worked well anyway, but this version of Total Recall fell flat in pretty much every other aspect, too.

According to some critics, the action sequences were the only real bright spot of the film. CineVue's Joseph Walsh wrote:

"Whilst the action is grand in scope and certainly high in production values it somehow lacks any tangible sense of tension or drama."

In John Carpenter's 1980 cult classic The Fog, a mysterious fog covers a California town, bringing with it the ghosts of dead sailors who promptly set about terrorizing the residents. The concept could have been corny, but the film's slow build to its scarier moments kept audiences hooked. It seemed like a film that could have benefited from a remake with updated special effects too. Sadly, the 2005 remake managed to botch it completely. Keep watching the video to see the worst movie remakes of all time!


Get Carter | 0:12
Total Recall | 1:04
The Fog | 2:02
The Stepfather | 2:56
Around the World in 80 Days | 3:42
Bangkok Dangerous | 4:30
Ben-Hur | 5:19
The Invasion | 6:05
House of Wax | 6:57
Point Break | 7:49
Day of the Dead | 8:41
Mr. Deeds | 9:35
The Heartbreak Kid | 10:22
Psycho | 11:13
Pulse | 12:08
Fame | 12:53
The Wicker Man | 13:41
One Missed Call | 14:36
The Women | 15:13