The Woodsmen - The Best Bigfoot Film Ever Made

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Опубликовано: 2016-01-14
Продолжительность: 01:34
He's Coming Soon.
The legend of Bigfoot has plagued Slender Valley for centuries. Intelligent, methodical beasts the locals call The Woodsmen. But when Rachel and her thrill seeker friends head out on the flyfishing adventure of a lifetime, legend becomes reality and they become prey.

The Woodsmen aims to be THE BEST BIGFOOT FILM EVER MADE. No found footage, no shaky, blurry, out of focus shots of Bigfoot. We will be shooting the entire film on Red Dragon in crystal clear 5K. When you see Bigfoot you will see him in all his glory. We are currently working with a leading VFX company to ensure audiences get the Bigfoot they deserve.

5 YEAR PLAN is a creative crew out of Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Husband and wife team Victor and Jodi Cooper have written two feature films in the last two years and produced the Award Winning short horror - MERCY.
The crew at Vantage Point Media House will be taking care of the filming for The Woodsmen. For years VPMH has been an industry leader in outdoor adventure television and now they are taking the plunge into the world of feature film.

If you have been waiting for a Bigfoot film where you actually get to see Bigfoot, clearly, then The Woodsmen is for you. You won't be disappointed.