The Woods (A Bigfoot Fan Film)

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Опубликовано: 2021-03-02
Продолжительность: 21:22
Welcome to Weather News Happens or Not!!! In today's video, Adam Sharp, a Bigfoot enthusiast, comes across a camera while walking through the woods. Adam shows this camera to his neighbor, Dylan. After showing Dylan some evidence, they set out to go find what happened in the woods! Hope you enjoy!!!
Trace Parks as Bigfoot and Adam Sharp
Dawson Mullins as Dylan Dixon
Katelynn Marchant as Lola Foster

People on Missing Posters
Eyan Connel as Andrew James
Kennedy Plumley as Kayla Barker
Cissy Parks as Amber Barns
Richie Parks as Daniel Barns
Preston Powell as Harvey Nickerson
J.J. Mullins as Bethany Murry
David Mullins as Bailey Saunders
Bobbi Mullins as Willow Saunders

Directors: Dawson Mullins and Trace Parks
Writers: Dawson Mullins, Trace Parks, and Katelynn Marchant
Editor: Trace Parks
Sound FX Editor: Trace Parks
Special FX Editor: Dawson Mullins
Music Editor: Dawson Mullins
Costume Designers: Dawson Mullins, Trace Parks, and Katelynn Marchant
Makeup Artist: Dawson Mullins
Location Manager: Dawson Mullins
Color Grader: Dawson Mullins
Cinematographers: Katelynn Marchant, Trace Parks, and Dawson Mullins
Producers: Dawson Mullins, Trace Parks, and Katelynn Marchant
Costume Advisors: Dawson Mullins and Katelynn Marchant

A 2021 Weather News Happens or Not Production

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