The Wizard of Mars 1965 -- A Time Travel Movie Full Length

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Опубликовано: 2020-05-30
Продолжительность: 1:17:25
The Wizard of Mars 1965 -- aka -- Alien Massacre, Horror of the Red Planet -- A Time Travel Movie Full Length Taglines:
Three EARTHMEN and a GIRL encounter the horrors of MARS!
Trapped in a hostile alien world, where the nightmare has just begun... Will they survive?
The 2000 Year Old Creatures Refuse to Die!
WE DARE YOU To Remain Seated as Gigantic Martian Fireballs Crash Out of the Screen and Explode
WE DOUBLE DARE YOU To Remain in the Theatre as a Titanic Martian Electrical Storm Crashes Out Into the Audience!
WE TRIPLE DARE YOU To Retain Control of Your Mind as Screeching Creatures Attack Your Brain!

In 1975, four astronauts, Dorothy, Doc, Charlie, and Steve, crash land on Mars when taking readings, with only four days of supplies. They must try to survive on the surface, which is barren except for some canals with huge maggots with fins. After embarking through a golden igneous cavern, braving a storm, and finding an unmanned Earth vessel, they discover a golden road which leads them to the unchanging ruins of what was once a beautiful Martian city. The Martians are modeled on the Flatheads of Oz, and their collective consciousness, the "Wizard," forbids them to leave until they perform a very small task. —Scott Hutchins ([email protected])

Also known as Alien Massacre, Horror of the Red Planet, this film follows the general plot of L. Frank Baum's novel, The Wizard of Oz as four men crash on the surface of Mars and find themselves caught up in a strange world.

Plot: Spoilers?
In 1975, Steve, "Doc", Charlie, and Dorothy are astronauts on a spacecraft approaching Mars. Following a scheduled cutoff of communications, they encounter and collide with something in orbit around Mars. They are forced to jettison the main stage and land in the control section. They leave in pressure suits, taking with them some essentials, such as inflatable boats and paddles, with a rifle. They paddle down a canal, being attacked by water creatures, and eventually enter a cave system. The cave comes to an end near a lava flow, and they are forced to leave the boats and edge around a lava lake, eventually finding a passage to the surface, just before the volcano erupts in a lava fountain. They think they hear the signal of the main stage, but it turns out to be from an automated bio lab, sent to determine the habitability of Mars. Charlie becomes hysterical and shoots the lab, inadvertently revealing that it has enough oxygen left to replenish their dwindling oxygen supplies. A sandstorm blows in and they take shelter in the lee of the lab.

The sandstorm uncovers a golden stone road, which they follow to an abandoned stone city. The city proves to have a breathable atmosphere, which enables them to remove their suits. Exploring, they discover two charred outlines beside a cutting torch near a wall with a partially cut hole and later a column with a hole in it. The column proves to be hollow and a nearby one turns out to conceal a desiccated Martian, with a transparent braincase. Mental communication between it and Steve guides him to a hall, which contains a projection of ahead. It reveals that it represents the collective consciousness of all Martians. They were an old race, who once ruled a good part of the galaxy, but who retreated to Mars to ponder. To give themselves time to think, they took their city out of time, in an eternal present. Eventually, they discovered that they had a further destiny, but could not reverse the process, being then incapable of physical effort. The city had been previously entered by other sentient aliens, who thought to plunder, instead of help. It directs them to a sphere, which must be replaced in the mechanism, in order for time to begin moving forward once again. Steve drops the sphere, revealing a model of the city. They return to where the others have been cutting a hole in the wall and complete the task. Behind the wall is a giant metal pendulum. Charlie, with help from Steve, manages to replace the sphere in the clockwork above the pendulum. The pendulum begins to swing once again.
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