The Untold Truth Of Seven Of Nine

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Опубликовано: 2020-03-27
Продолжительность: 11:18
Not only does Seven of Nine remain one of fans' most beloved Star Trek heroes of the past, her story has continued beyond Voyager to the franchise's 21st century series. How did a character named after a couple of numbers become so beloved?
The special feature "Braving the Unknown" on Star Trek: Voyager's season 4 home release reveals where the idea for Seven of Nine came from. Brannon Braga a producer and writer on Voyager says the notion of a Borg character joining the crew came to him while watching an ad for the season 3 episode "Unity."

In the episode, Commander Chakotay finds a planet of Borg who have been disconnected from the Collective. Unfortunately, conflict rages on the planet as rivalries between different species re-emerge once ties to the Borg have been severed.

An ex-Borg human named Riley wants Voyager's help to create a new collective on the planet in order to restore harmony. In the meantime, Riley and other ex-Borgs temporarily connect Chakotay to their collective in order to heal life-threatening wounds and, eventually, to use that connection to force Voyager's First Officer to help them. Chakotay's experience in "Unity" becomes crucial in Voyager's early dealings with Seven of Nine.

Braga said after watching the promo for "Unity" he called Voyager writer Joe Menosky and show co-creator Rick Berman to make sure having an ex-Borg character join the show's regular cast wasn't a stupid idea. The consensus was that it was just the opposite.

When Seven of Nine first comes aboard Voyager, she isn't there as a friend. She first appears in "Scorpion, Part II," the show's season 4 premiere. Keep watching the video to see the untold truth of Seven of Nine.

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