THE STEPDAD | Disney Christmas Advert 2021 | Official Disney UK

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Опубликовано: 2021-11-02
Продолжительность: 03:27
We are proud to reveal our Christmas advert, a heart-warming new story; #TheStepdad.
This year's story follows Nicole, the granddaughter from last year's ad, who is now all grown up with a family to make Christmas traditions with. We follow her and her two adorable children, Max and Ella, as their new stepdad Mike moves into their family home.

At the heart of the story is a very special storybook – a precious item belonging to Max from his birth father. The book celebrates the power of storytelling and how it can deepen family bonds; as the family are shown delighting in the magic of Disney storytelling, beautiful animation springs off the pages, igniting the true spirit of Christmas. Follow their emotional journey as we see them combine existing festive traditions with wonderful new ones. We hope you enjoy this special Christmas ad, celebrating the joy that the stepdads of the world bring us.

In celebration of the ‘From Our Family To Yours’ campaign, Disney will give support worth more than $2m to its long-standing charity partner, Make-A-Wish® International and their network of Affiliates around the world. To learn more, visit in Europe and in North America and any other region.
Love runs Deeper will be available to download from the 3rd November 2021. For every download before 31st December 2021, 100% of the proceeds from the retail price will be donated to Make-A-Wish International.
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