The immortal legend Season 1 Episodes 1~10 English Subtitle

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Опубликовано: 2022-02-04
Продолжительность: 2:30:20
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During the period of the Republic of China, the Zhang family, the leader of the three great aristocratic families, banned the eldest young master, Zhang Tianqi, from participating in all affairs of the Doudou world due to family secrets. But Zhang Tianqi was very interested in archaeology, so he repeatedly violated the prohibition, first with the trip to the Tomb of Ten Thousand Buddhas, and then with the Lou Jianbao Association.
At the treasure appraisal meeting, the Guoqing Association of the former Qing Dynasty took out a treasure that disappeared for five years - Tianji Ice Box. This box is related to the feng shui of the Chinese dragon vein, and it has a great secret, which attracts the attention of all parties.
The Tianji box opened, and a piece of information about the Loulan Tianzi tomb led to layers of killing.
A conspiracy story spanning thousands of years is slowly beginning...