The family of beautiful actress Jennifer Connelly

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Опубликовано: 2018-05-05
Продолжительность: 03:02
The Hollywood star, Jennifer Connelly became famous due to such cult-favorite movies as A beautiful Mind and Requiem for a Dream. A future actress was born in New York in 1970 and at the age of just 10 she first took part in a modeling audition. And this is exactly when and how her professional career started. She was on newspapers, magazines and later got on a big screen. She even got a title as the most gorgeous woman on the planet!
Jennifer’s mother, Ilene Schuman was the owner of an antique salon. She was a very religious Jewish person and played a vital role in her daughter’s success.

The father, Gerard Connelly was working in a clothing manufacturing industry. He was a caring, cool and loving father who was raising his family in Brooklyn. He had some issues with asthma and therefore, the family moved to Woodstock for some time, as New York was very smoggy at those years. He was spending every single minute with his daughter as she is the only child in a family.

Jennifer has been married to Paul Bettany since 2003. He has always dreamt of becoming an actor, yet dyslexia made it hard for him to read. At the age of 19 he finally managed to become a part of a Drama center in London. The couple met during the shooting of a movie A Beautiful Mind in 2001 and since that time has always been together. It took them 2 years of dating and they finally got married in Scotland. It would be interesting to know that Connelly has always been on Bettany’s mind since he saw her in Labyrinth for the first time. She was his crush, girlfriend and finally, a wife.

Jennifer Connelly has 3 kids.

In 1990s Connelly was dating a photographer, David Dugan. And even though their relationship didn’t last long, they have a common son, Kai Dugan. He was born in 1997 and has inherited his mom’s beauty and talent to acting.

In a marriage with Paul Bettany, the Golden Globe winner has a son and daughter.

Stellan Bettany was delivered in 2003 and Agnes was born 8 years later, in 2011.

Children didn’t have any negative influence on Jennifer’s career as she had the experience with the first child and knew what to expect. Both Connelly and Bettany are happy to raise 3 kids and live a life to the fullest!