The Degenerate Drawing Lingzhu Season1-Episode02

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Опубликовано: 2020-02-13
Продолжительность: 16:48
#畫江湖之靈主 In the ancient city of Yang, Deng Feng and Jia Xuan parted ways, looking for a long-lost sweetheart, Ru Yan, and Jia Xuan went to the Tongfu Dart Bureau to get his father's friend Jin Tongfu out of the mountain to avenge his family. At the same time, Liangyuan and Liangyou were sent to Guyang City by the Yuling Mission because of an investigation into the destruction of Hu Xiaotang. As soon as they saw the boarding wind in the inn, Liangyuan was keenly aware that There was a strange smell on him. Dengfeng met Ru Yan in her sleep, so she decided to go to the Fu Fu darts at night. Jin Tongfu was greedy for money, and when he saw the young and beautiful Jiaxuan, he almost couldn't hold it. He easily set his mind. Then he heard Jiaxuan say that Hu Xiaotang was destroyed.

詳情請關注 : youtube畫江湖官方版 Drawing Jianghu