The Buffalo Bells & Stereo Bullets – Always Hardcore (Scooter Cover) [4K]

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Опубликовано: 2017-11-20
Продолжительность: 05:00
In der ersten Episode von onetakeTV experimentieren The Buffalo Bells und Stereo Bullets fernab ihrer gewohnten Genres. Das Ergebnis, “Always Hardcore”, vereint Elemente aus Country und Punk zu einem Scooter Cover der besonderen Art. Lyrics:
I am the horseman
I'm mentally mad
I’m a super sharp shooter
Sittin' on a rooftop
My name is MC H
I got the big breaks, the bass
One, two, check
It's a mixture rough to the core
Through the texture
Come and get a taste of the fixture, yeah

Yeah I feel hardcore
Yeah always hardcore

Want a lyrical sex
Ice the platinum tech
With a minute in the game
When discover my necks, you don't fret

Me and my crew we are too H O T
For any crew out there or any MC
Rippin' up the B you want H A T E
Jealousy won't get you nowhere, I'm Whity yeah

Yeah I feel hardcore
Yeah always hardcore

Maria believe me, I like it loud
Maria believe me, I like it hot

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dom Mayerhofer @ Grave Yard Studio Amstetten
© 2017 filmriss.