The British Columbia Triangle (2/6): Unsolved Disappearances in Canada

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Опубликовано: 2021-06-04
Продолжительность: 44:54
In the second installment of this six-part series, we take a look at eight unsolved deaths and disappearances that took place in the Southern Interior of British Columbia, Canada, in a mysterious region perhaps most appropriately dubbed the 'British Columbia Triangle'.
0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:04 - The Disappearance of Brian Douglas Faughnan
0:05:04 - The Disappearance of Jonathan Jette and Rachael Bagnall
0:14:49 - The Disappearance of Darcy Brian Turner
0:17:27 - The Death of David Christian
0:21:55 - The Death of Sukhjeet Saggu
0:26:23 - The Disappearance of Deanna Wertz
0:31:27 – The Disappearance of Gordon Sagoo
0:35:33 – The Death of Alison Leanne Raspa
0:41:20 – Possible Explanations

Hosted by Daisy Boyden.

Huge thank you to the following Instagrammers for allowing the use of their photos:
Bart Cummins - @Photo_Mixtape
Kelsie Wamer - @Adventure.Kelsie
KJ Vandenberg - @KJVDB
Lisa Firth - @AprilRainRose