Sylvia Kristel Emmanuelle tribute music English-French and instrumental song remix version

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Опубликовано: 2012-10-28
Продолжительность: 09:20
Sylvia Maria Kristel (28 September 1952 -- 17 October 2012)Amsterdã,Amsterdam. Kristel was born in Utrecht, Netherlands,Netherlands, Holland,Holanda.

Music Pierre Bachelet Emmanuelle Song (English-french and instrumental and vocal version) 1974.

Filmography and television work

1.The Swing Girls (2010) (TV) as Eva de Leeuw
2.Two Sunny Days (2010) as Angela
3.Bank (2002) as Wife
4.Sexy Boys (2001) as La sexologue
5.De vriendschap (2001) as Sylvia
6.Vergeef me (2001) as Chiquita (on stage)
7.Die Unbesiegbaren (2000) (TV)
8.Lijmen/Het Been (2000) as Jeanne
9.An Amsterdam Tale (1999) as Alma
10.Film 1 (1999) as Patron
11.Harry Rents a Room (1999) as Miss Pinky
12.Gaston's War (1997) as Miep Visser
13.Die Sexfalle (1997) (TV) as Nicole Fuchs
14."Onderweg naar morgen" (1994) Serie TV as Trix Odijk (1996)
15."De eenzame oorlog van Koos Tak" (1996) - Tante Heintje (1996) Episodio TV
16.Emmanuelle au 7ème ciel (1993) as Emmanuelle
17.Le secret d'Emmanuelle (1993) (TV)
18.Beauty School (1993) as Sylvia
19.Le parfum d'Emmanuelle (1993) (TV) as Emmanuelle
20.Magique Emmanuelle (1993) (TV) as Emmanuelle
21.L'amour d'Emmanuelle (1993) (TV) as Old Emmanuelle
22.Emmanuelle à Venise (1993) (TV) as Old Emmanuelle
23.La revanche d'Emmanuelle (1993) (TV) as Old Emmanuelle
24.Éternelle Emmanuelle (1993) (TV) as Old Emmanuelle
25.Seong-ae-ui chimmuk (1992)
26.Hot Blood (1990) as Sylvia
27.In the Shadow of the Sandcastle (1990) as Angel
28.Dracula's Widow (1988) as Vanessa
29.The Arrogant (1988) as Julie
30.Casanova (1987) (TV) as Maddalena
31.Red Heat (1985) as Sofia
32.Mata Hari (1985) as Mata Hari
33.The Big Bet (1985) .... Michelle
34.Emmanuelle IV (1984) as Sylvia / Emmanuelle
35.Private School (1983) as Ms. Regina Copoletta
36.Private Lessons (1981) as Nicole Mallow
37.Lady Chatterley's Lover (1981) as Lady Constance Chatterley
38.The Million Dollar Face (1981) (TV) as Brett Devereaux
39.Un amore in prima classe (1980) as Beatrice
40.The Nude Bomb (1980) as Agent 34
41.The Concorde ... Airport '79 (1979) as Isabelle
42.The Fifth Musketeer (1979) as Maria Theresa
43.Letti selvaggi (1979) as The Lady on the Bed/The Unhappy Wife
44.Mysteries (1978) as Dany Kielland
45.Pastorale 1943 (1978) as Miep Algera
46.Goodbye Emmanuelle (1977) as Emmanuelle
47.René la canne (1977) as Krista
48.Alice ou la dernière fugue (1977) as Alice Caroll
49.La marge (1976) as Diana
50.Une femme fidèle (1976) as Mathilde Leroy
51.Emmanuelle: L'antivierge (1975) Emmanuelle
52.Le jeu avec le feu (1975) as Diana Van Den Berg
53.Un linceul n'a pas de poches (1974) as Avril
54.Der Liebesschüler (1974) as Andrea
55.Emmanuelle (1974) as Emmanuelle
56.Naakt over de schutting (1973) as Lilly Marischka
57.Because of the Cats (1973) as Hannie Troost
58.Frank en Eva (1973) as Sylvia
Emmanuelle is the lead character in a series of French soft porn erotic movies based on a character created by Emmanuelle Arsan in the novel Emmanuelle (1959). Only films and episodes produced by the ASP ("Alain Siritzky Productions") film company are official and based on Arsan's character.

The name Emmanuelle (and its various spelling combinations) has gone on to become a by-word for erotic film.
Emmanuelle appeared as the nom de plume of Marayat Rollet-Andriane, a French-Thai actress born in the 1930s in Bangkok. Her 1957 book The Joys of a Woman detailed the sexual exploits of Emmanuelle, the "bored housewife" of a French diplomat. Rollet-Andriane's book caused a sensation in France and was banned.

Rollet-Andriane appears in the 1976 film Laure, which she wrote and which was directed by her husband, Louis-Jacques Rollet-Andriane, who asked to have his name removed from the credits, so direction is either credited to anonymous or Emmanuelle Arsan. The producer of Laure, Ovidio Assonitis, claimed that all books published under the nom-de-plume Emmanuelle Arsan were written by her husband Louis-Jacques Rollet-Andriane rather than by Marayat .
Emmanuelle series (France)
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Emmanuelle 4 (1984)
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Emmanuelle in Space series (USA)
Emmanuelle: First Contact (1994)
Emmanuelle 2: A World of Desire (1994)
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