Swallowtail Jig - The Petersens (LIVE)

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Опубликовано: 2020-11-06
Продолжительность: 03:49
We have had the amazing opportunity to tour Ireland four times and, for a bluegrass band, it just doesn't get much more fun than pulling out your instruments and joining the locals for a jam session in a pub. After our third tour, we decided to add an Irish song in our show and Katie suggested the "Swallowtail Jig." Emmett wrote the interlude part you hear and it just put the icing on the cake.
Special shout out to our friends in Ireland who have taken care of us, cheered us on, and paid Katie's many parking tickets haha (we are looking at you Neil & Joan O'Rahilly, Pat & Kathleen Kelleher, the Lyons family, John Nyhan, and Ger O'Donnell).

Fun fact: When Ellen was 14, she found the gold-plated "Pink Lady" Hopkins banjo at the SPBGMA (Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America) championships in Nashville and it was love at first sight haha.

Go behind the scenes with @The Petersen Family

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Fiddle: @Katie Petersen
Dobro: Emmett Franz
Guitar: @Matt Petersen
Bass: Karen Petersen
Banjo: @Ellen Haygood
Mandolin: @Julianne
A beautiful, rustic wedding venue in Branson, Missouri. With a timber framed barn and cabins from the 1800s, this little spot feels like you are hundreds of miles from civilization.

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Special thanks to Troy Dixon for helping us with audio and Aaron Clark for the videography.
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