Sundance Film Festival 2011 "Excuse Me"

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Опубликовано: 2010-12-28
Продолжительность: 06:07
A couple threatens to splinter apart due to what may or may not have been said in the heat of passion.\r \r
Programmer's Note: Comedies are always very tough to pull off. Few of the countless shorts submitted each year make it to the final lineup. A sense of humor is certainly subjective, and the team of seven short-film programmers all have different tastes, but they all agree that timing is everything. Duncan Birmingham's low-key exercise in bedroom banter, which screens before the feature film "The Lie" at this year's Festival, delighted everyone with its close-to-home lampooning of sexual insecurity. Birmingham, an experienced screenwriter but first-time director, credits the success of the short to his cast: seasoned comic performers Cy Carter and Angela Trimbur. "Excuse Me" reveals that all you really need to make folks laugh is two sharp actors, a quick, clever script, and a bedroom.