Sister Friede/Father Ariandel/Blackflame Friede - Dark Souls III DLC Boss Battle

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Опубликовано: 2016-11-03
Продолжительность: 07:49
Oookay, two things first: I cobbled this video together from two other clips, so that's why in the second clip I completely change my armor and weapon from the first. The second thing is my co-op partner. I summoned help for this one. I don't care anymore! I've spent 30+ tries and close to 4 hours on this battle, so when is enough enough? Besides me pussing out, let me talk about this battle a bit. This is an awesome battle. Dare I say, from a thematic, cinematic perspective, it's the best boss battle in the Souls series? It definitely has the best boss cinematic of any Souls game. That mid-battle cinematic of Father Ariandel screaming, busting out of his shackles, and losing his shit and destroying the arena is nothing short of breathtaking. And the music for the whole battle is superb. Really, really happy with this battle, and it more than makes up for short DLC with only two bosses, and the other boss was lame as shit anyway. So, don't mind that I summoned help and made this battle look easy. It fucking isn't. As hard as Nameless King. Fuuuuuck