Satan and Adam, "Feel So Bad" (mid-1990s)

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Опубликовано: 2008-04-13
Продолжительность: 05:45
Sterling Magee and Adam Gussow as Satan and Adam, the Harlem Blues duo, in an upstate NY gig from the mid-1990s. \r \r
Satan and Adam will be releasing their new double-length live album, "Word on the Street," in May 2008. More than two hours of music recorded on the streets of Harlem and Jersey City in 1989, for digital download. \r
The official release party will take place on Saturday, July 5th, 2008 at Red's Lounge, corner of MLK Blvd. and Sunflower Ave. in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Satan and Adam (with Dave Laycock on drums) will be playing. \r
For more information, please check for updates on the "news and updates" page at Modern Blues Harmonica:\r