Rory MacDonald vs. Che Mills Highlights ( Rory Mauls Mills ) #ufc #rorymacdonald #mma

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Опубликовано: 2021-01-24
Продолжительность: 02:42
#ufc #rorymacdonald #mma
MacDonald and Mills met in the co-main event of the evening in a welterweight tilt.

Mills landed an inside leg kick and backed MacDonald away early then landed a big punch with a hand against the fence. The fighters separated and Mills landed another big right hand, prompting MacDonald to shoot in and take him down. MacDonald started landing some big shots in Mills's guard then passed to side control. Mills was cut and bleeding as MacDonald rested on top of him to regain his strength. MacDonald passed into a mounted crucifix and started firing off punches from the hold. Mills hipped out of the position but MacDonald kept him flattened on the mat. MacDonald passed to the full mount with 30 seconds remaining then transitioned to the back, landing big punches. Mills rolled and MacDonald poured on the damage before the bell.

MacDonald snatched a single leg and dragged Mills to the mat early in the second round, passing instantly to side control in a show of complete domination. MacDonald moved back into the mount and Mills rolled to his knees, prompting MacDonald to take the back. MacDonald opened up with strikes from the back and got the stoppage.

The end came 2:20 into the second round.

Speaking with Joe Rogan following the fight, MacDonald said, "Che was a great opponent. He didn't get much respect in the media, but I trained hard for this and I'm very happy with the way the fight went. When I hit guys on the ground I know they're going to be hurt. One thing I lack at the top of this division is experience."