Romania - Seeking Draculas Castle - A Travel Documentary About Vlad Dracula

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Опубликовано: 2020-04-03
Продолжительность: 1:05:42
In February 2020 we decided to travel Romania on a mission to find Dracula's Castle, the castle of Vlad the Impaler in their latest travel adventure video!
Finding Dracula's Castle in Romania was not quite as easy as it sounds. Greg thought of Dracula as a blood sucking fiend, the character from Bram Stokers famous novel. Felicity however pictured a Wallachian ruler, Vlad Tepes - aka Vlad The Impaler- famous for impaling his enemies on spikes. Equally fiendish perhaps, certainly both aptly named.

Our Romania travel takes us across Romania from Bran Castle to Snagov Monastery via Vlad thr Impaler’s birthplace in Sighisoara, Targoviste, Corvin Castle and Poenari Fortress (and beyond as they get a little sidetracked) and we invite you to watch that adventure in Romania now!

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With thanks to Bran Castle and Corvin Castle for special filming permissions.

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Introduction 00:00:00
Bran Castle (Bram Stoker's Castle Dracula): 00:02:06
Sighisoara (Birthplace of Vlad the Impaler): 00:16:17
Corvin Castle (Where Vlad Dracula was imprisoned): 00:19:38
Poenari Fortress (Vlad Dracula's mountain castle): 00:28:49
Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary: 00:39:33
Targoviste (Vlad Dracula's 'Princely Court'): 00:43:55
Snagov Monastery (Dracula's Grave): 00:50:29
National Geology Museum, Bucharest: 00:56:15
DinoParc Rasnov: 00:58:48
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