Rocky Mountain Rescue (1956)

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Опубликовано: 2014-04-13
Продолжительность: 01:58
Banff, Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada.
GV. Pan, snow covered mountains. GV. Ski cabins in the mountains. SV. Men making their way up the mountain on skis. GV. Showing mountain, goats running about, & SV. SV. Two men attempting to climb hill in skis. GV. Mountains showing group moving along ridge in single file, & SV. LV. Group of men on top of high peak. SV. Warden sawing edge of cornice. SV. Goats running away. SV. Two wardens held by ropes jumping on the weakened edge. They jump down on it and it gives way and they are pulled back holding on to their ropes. SV. Large pieces of snow hurtling down mountain side. LV. Towards, two skiers skiing clear. SV. Avalanche of snow starts to fall, pan with it down mountain side. SV. Line of wardens prodding the snow white poles, & CU. SV. Man shovelling away snow from buried skier - dummy used for this exercise. SV. Blanket being laid out on snow as the man is lifted up and put on to it. LV. The blanket is lifted on to a sledge. LV. Men take the sledge down hill towards safety. LV. From top of hill, the snowmobile arriving ready to receive its patient. LV. Skier goes down hill with sledge behind him and others follow. They arrive at the snowmobile

(Dupe Neg.) (Title Scene 'C')
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