rinkadink at Cosmic Flow 2018 Vienna

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Опубликовано: 2018-01-07
Продолжительность: 1:42:10
TRACKLIST: MAD MAXX - monster - Skyfall rmx
Basscannon & rinkadink - nn
Vertical Mode - radioactive - G.M.S rmx
Vini Vici & Astrix - adhana - unreleased psy version
rinkadink & ALIGN - below azimuth
Shanti V Deedrah - hal9000 - rinkadink rmx
rinkadink & Element - fear is the mindkiller - rinkadink rmx
Outsiders & Avalon - real deal - Burn in Noise rmx
rinkadink & element - i thought you were my hallucination
rinkadink & element - desea rmx
outsiders & Freedom Fighters - stick lights
rinkadink & Off Limits - life lights
off limits - shasha
astrix - poison - 3 Of Life rmx
Rexalted - imagination
Shadow Chronicles - love and light
Mystic Music - acid lovers - Fender Bender rmx
Modus - organic panic
vini vici - D-Addiction - hi on
Broken Toy - one man revolution
astrix - dharma - off limits rmx
Vibe Tribe - three quarters - vibe tribe & Wilder & ultrapower rmx
Bizzare Contact & Phanatic & Electro Sun - trilodyne
align - badhoo

More Rinkadink:

Rinkadink is South African music producer Werner van Jaarsveld.
A DJ since his mid teens and a veteran of many years of electronic music production.
He has been releasing music and performing in clubs and festivals around the world since 2002, playing in more than 35 countries and a hundred cities
The music he makes encompasses a wide variety of styles within the genre an consequently no one style is able to define him.

A strong believer in the true worth of psychedelic music and culture he uses his performances as an opportunity for the expansion of human consciousness through rhythm and harmony. While he was known in the past for his abstract and somewhat slapstick approach, recently he has redefined his music into a new and uncompromising style post full-on psychedelic progressive.

in mid 2013 he started the label MVX as a platform for his new music.

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