Rick Management Pearls | The EM & Acute Care Course

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Опубликовано: 2021-06-24
Продолжительность: 31:47
Rick Management Pearls by Rick Bukata, MD Key Points and Recommendations

1. Be careful prescribing antipsychotics. Get help if possible.\r
2. Be very, very careful with potentially suicidal patients. Get help. Err on the side of putting the patient on a hold.\r
3. Speech recognition software presents essentially no risk to a patient’s health.\r
4. Consent for the administration of thrombolytics in stroke should require consent to the extent it is available.\r
5. Don’t claim your care is following a specific guideline unless it does.\r
6. Be careful sending patients home without adequate consideration of whether being at home is safe\r
7. Physicians should not co-sign APC charts if they don’t assess the patient and their NPI number is used to bill.\r
8. Stroke-related issues now surpass missed MIs as the cause of law suits.\r
9. Have a low threshold for considering sepsis and move quickly regarding fluids and antibiotics.\r
10. Clinicians being recorded against their will should still complete a medical screening exam.\r
11. Child abuse reporting laws require a suspicion be reported. Have a low threshold. Read nurses’ notes.\r
12. Consider having new hires read your key policies (including reporting laws) and have them sign in acknowledgement that they have done so.
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