Queen - We Will Rock You (1977 - 1979) Queen Live Montage - Live Killers

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Опубликовано: 2020-07-12
Продолжительность: 02:49
We Will Rock You is one of the most well-known Queen hit songs. This specific version comes from Live Killers - band's first official live album, which was recorded and released in 1979 during multiple live concerts and overdubbing sessions in the studio.
I used various video footages from Houston 1977 to Hammersmith Odeon 1979. Some of them are short recordings which emerged in last few years and were processed by Chief Mouse (thank you!).

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Queen Live Montage is my own idea of making compilations. It's similar to videos like "Queen Through The Years", but not exactly. Those videos are usually quite random, poorly edited with multiple audio sources etc.
My Queen Live Montages series is different - it uses only one audio source per video, I don't mix videos with different aspect ratios. The idea is to make a CONSISTENT and aesthetic compilations by using best available video feeds. And - the most important point - to show the most interesting moments and the best angles.