pool haunted video warning its not

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Опубликовано: 2020-09-28
Продолжительность: 20:04
asylum alone pool haunted video warning its not pool wales on this explore of the most haunted asylum bar none, hmm well may be not and just really spooky in stead you decide. really poor light inside and really apologise for the really bad video quality inside. any way this is that place and its history. maybe it is haunted and the ghost was on Holiday , who knows I was expecting the worse and just had bats slapping my face thats why the warning its not . The only warning was from Mr Farmer who was going to call the police but didnt or they could not be bothered coming out again to police call maybe it had helped if I had called the police myself.

Pool Park was rebuilt by the William Bagot, (1773-1856) in 1826-1829 and would concluide that a earlier building had been.
It was sold in 1928, no doubt anticipating the purchase by the North Wales Counties Mental Hospital Committee, who were
looking for an overflow for the Denbigh Mental Asylum. The owners had to sell roumours of it being do to gamble debts and
very expensive gee bet that went bad. It wasn’t until 1937 that the hospital actually opened, but it in the end it had
served its purpose until 1989. so just 53 years as a Mental asylum. It was sold by the National Health Service (NHS) in 1992
, but very little has happened to it since. In 2012, planning permission was submitted to turn it into a care village with
38 homes and 60 apartments. This came to nothing and the house has deteriorated since. The whole area was once a deer park for the near by Ruthin Castel ( Castle )
A haunted place well not down to the former staff it was a retreat of syrenity and the only worries of spiitual goings on were by the restrained patients, which considering the type of hospital may not be the best witnesses. Rumours began more so around the time it came on sale and was in national press , haunted asylum goes on sale. This was backed up with the droves of folk who wanted that experience and catch on camera for there own interest and attempt on a viral video and there are enough of them now to make sure it stays with its haunted image, despite facts.
It was a lovely place to walk round once I had calmed down to my over active imagination, even having a rest in a dark room on the top floor room with torch off & bats flying in to and around me. After waking up I shortly got discovered by the local farmer near the power house. After
returning after farmer had gone I finished off my footage I bent the bars back on the asylum cellar ( bottle jack ) and went to Denbigh Asylum.
Denbigh Asylum is the real deal and felt a presence well actualy several the whole time there except for its sun lounge building and its Chapel, but all other areas were earie to walk through. Thats on a other video down the line though so watch out for.

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