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Опубликовано: 2019-10-18
Продолжительность: 03:48
Another addition to Ophthalmology lecture videos on sqadia.com is orbital tumours following a chapter from the textbook “Comprehensive Ophthalmology”. From the developmental and vascular tumours to mesenchymal tumours and meningiomas, every detail has been explained here. Furthermore, the comprehension of other orbital tumours like lymphoproliferative tumours, secondary and metastatic tumours has been made easy for the medical student education.
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Released: October 2019

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In this online medical lecture, primary orbital tumours are well explained. Types of orbital tumors include fibroma, fibrosarcoma and liposarcoma. Following this, dermoids and epidermoid alongside lipodermoid are explained. Another type of orbital tumour is the teratoma which is comprehensively highlighted here for thorough understanding.

Amongst the categories of vascular tumours, capillary and cavernous haemangioma in conjunction with lymphangioma pathology is explained to make the medical student education easy. Subsequently, light is shed on the rhabdomyosarcoma as one of the mesenchymal orbital tumours.

That’s not all! Gain an insight into the neural tumours and meningioma pathology as well. Additionally, light is shed on the lymphoproliferativeorbital tumours together with the malignant orbital lymphomas. This medical lecture also covers the Langerhans cellhistiocytosis pathogenesis along with the secondary and metastatic orbital tumours.

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